Eyth, Eith, Stehlin and Stehle

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Research on my Eyth family has previously ended with my 4th great grandfather Marcus Eyth and his wife Elisabeth Hoefelin. With  the Family Search release of Pennsylvania marriage records and German birth, death and marriage records, I now have information out to and including my 7th great grandfather.

Marcus’ full name was Marcus (Marx) Evangalista Eyth, His wife was Elisabeth(a) Hoefelin, also spelled: Haefelinn, Hofeling, Hofelin and Hastelin. From his birth record I now know that his father was Andreas Eyth and his mother, Kunigunda Luib and he was born April 25, 1780. He had a brother Carl Josephus Eyth, born January 28, 1777.

Andreas’ father was Petrus Eith (Eyth) and Rosa Stehlin. Andreas had eleven brothers and sisters born between 1741 and 1777. Petrus’ father was Joannes Jacob Eith and his mother was Elisabeth Stehlin. Petrus had 7 brothers and sisters.

Through time the Eyths (Eith) and the Stehlin (Stehle) have married each other. I haven’t determined, yet, how many of them were related or how closely. Andreas’ brother Ignaz married Agnes Stehlin, whos parents were Dominikus and Barbara Kleindienstin Stehle. Their mother was Rosa Stehlin and their grandmother was Elisabeth Stehlin. Georgia Eith, Ignaz’s daughter, married Calixt Stehle, Calixt’s mother was Barbara Eith. The more I dig into the families, the more tangled together they are turning out.


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