The little man with the hat.

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I decided to purchase the new Family Tree Maker and received it in short order a week ago. I loaded the application, which took a little bit of time, and opened it to see the differences. The dashboard when first opened has changed a bit, it gives you a lot of information on your file, who you last worked on and what is or isn’t uploaded to

My favorite thing so far has been the ability to display all of the children from multiple marriages for an individual. The first time I tried the show blended family I noticed the little man with the hat, beside him was his spouse, if the children were from the displayed marriage. He showed alone with children from a different spouse. His spouse would show alone with children from her different relationships.

Several of my husband’s relatives had his, hers and theirs children. This usually meant flipping from one connection to another to determine if this or that person was a half, whole or no blood relation.

The extended family chart is also an interesting addition. This is the first time that I noticed that adopted and birth parents are listed in a tree, along with ex spouses. It is like life, a little messy but complete.


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