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More digging has turned up even more of my Defruytier cousins. A trip to proved fruitful for more members of Sylvie Defruytier’s descendants. Sylvie was my great grandmother Clemence Mary Defruytier’s older sister. My research so far has uncovered that Sylvie was married to Henri Santens at Neuville-En-ferrain, France in 1880. I have so far discovered that Sylvie and Henri had at least 11 children.


I first found information on the family from naturalization records from 1913 for Henri, Sylvie and several of the children. Their place of origin was Belgium and they were becoming naturalized French natives. These records I found on the web site using the historic records link and then browsing through the naturalization records. The records included names and birth date. The web site is in French, but with some help from Google translate it gets easier to navigate.


My latest trip to rounded out more of the information. Using the genealogies link requires a login, although there are some links on the page that do not. This time searching on Santens displayed information on some of Henri and Sylvie’s children. One of the children with new information was Odile Santens, born January 10, 1896. according to the research information Odile had married Jean Joseph Achille Capart. I knew I had a photograph that had been signed by Odile so I went back to see if I could make anything out on it using the new information that I had just found. I originally thought that Odile was the young woman in the cneter of the photograph, but now I am not sure if it may be the woman on the far right.


I opened up Google translate for help with the hand written information Odile had placed on the back of the photograph. From what I could make out and with the help of Google, it seems that included in the photograph is Marie, possibly the wife of Odile’s brother Cyrille, Marie and Cyrille’s daughter Helena and Odile’s daughter, with the last name Capart. The tape and remnant pieces of the photo album that the picture was glued in makes some of the specifics hard to make out. I am open to correction on any of this information.



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