Malware Bites

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I don’t normally write about computer issues. Working all day in the internet security environment is usually about enough for me. Genealogy is my release, that is until internet security problems ruin my Sunday of Genealogy.

I have no idea how I managed to get this Trojan, but it got past my firewall, shut my firewall off and anti virus. I noticed a warning that my firewall was turned off and warnings from XP Antivirus that my computer was loaded with bugs. XP Antivirus wanted me to pay money to get rid of all of it. XP Antivirus IS the malware and all of the supposed viruses on your computer do not exist. It would not allow me to turn my firewall back on. Getting rid of it turned into 6 hours of trouble.

I ended up removing it by downloading the free pc doctor to disable the Trojan and then downloading the free version of malwarebytes to get the registry back to normal. From what I have read on line, I got it through some link I must have clicked on a web site. There are several sites on line that give step by step instructions on how to get rid of it. I did find the free pc doctor alone will not clean up the registry problem and it bounces right back into action if you don’t run the malwarebytes plus a reg file.


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