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After 108 days I finally got a response on one of the 4 requests I made to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. I wasn’t surprised by the fact that they couldn’t find information on this particular relative because he fell outside of their date range, but I took a wild chance anyway and asked.


What did surprise me is that the envelope was delivered to the house at all. I did not alter the way it appeared in my mailbox, this is what I saw when I took it out, a big blank where the address was suppose to be. Somewhere along the line, people had to tug at the bottom of the envelope and peak behind the plastic to find tucked way down at the fold, my address. It did surprise me that no one wrote the address on the envelope to help the next person out. It arrived in my mailbox completely sealed shut. I guess it will be anyone’s guess if the remaining 3 ever show up.



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