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Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter to all of my readers. That is me in the photo from 1963, front row, swinging my umbrella style purse that I remember vividly. It would hold my gloves, hankie and possibly a penny or two. The hat was a necessity for church in those days. Mom probably made the coat I had on. My brother, in the fancy hat, is beside me. I am sure mom didn’t get away with the hat business many more years after this and for sure he doesn’t wear this style any longer. The rest of the girls are my West cousins.
Now that I live in the south it is no longer necessary to have your Easter outfit made from a light colored wool. My southern friends get a kick out of that, they can’t imagine putting on wool past February, if they own any wool at all. Although the sun was shinning in this picture and there isn’t any snow visible, it was probably cold.
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