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Old Cemetery Records

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Researching tonight uncovered an interesting article in the Titusville Herald dated 1922. I don’t know if this small cemetery is still being cared for but the headstones as they existed in 1922 are as follows in the story.


Titusville Herald, Titusville, Pennsylvania


October 9, 1922


Records from Headstones in Old Concord Cemetery

By Helen J. Morrison


It was an unselfish and foresighted thought that prompted Alfred Lamb of this village to a few years ago to go to the time and trouble to canvas persons interested in the old Concord cemetery on the Lamb farm to secure the $500 trust fund for the upkeep and preservation of this pretty and really historical old burying ground. At the brow of the hill going east from Bean farm, where Wilson Holtz now resides, is a by-road to the left, and some distance back from the public road, in a little copse of trees, on a corner of the Lamb farm, is the old Concord burial plot, established with the building of the Concord Presbyterian church, long since abandoned and rebuilt at Neiltown, where the people of that vicinity still worship. Through the kindness of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Carson and their guest, Mrs. Sarah Carson Scott, the latter of Nortonville, Kan., the Herald correspondent was privileged to visit this well-kept abandoned cemetery and in the interest of readers, copied from the headstones the following records:


Within a pretty, artistic and very substantial iron fence, a sturdy monument marks the last resting place of Michael Farel, died 1862, aged 59 years, and Catherine, his wife died 1864 aged 51 years.


John Carson died 1841 aged 40, and Mary, his wife, whose maiden name was Mealy, died 1878, aged 1878, aged 78. John Carson was an uncle of A. C. Carson.


James Carson, died in 1854, aged 55 years. On this stone is the following inscription, “A Native of Ireland, Town of Sessions.” Alongside is another headstone, marked Mariah, wife of James Carson, died 1872, aged 64 years. These were the parents of A. C. Carson.


Adeline, daughter of William and Mrs. S. A. Scott, died 1802, aged one month.


Theodore, son of Amos and M. E. Clinger, died 1859, aged 4 months.


Elijah D. Bevier, died 1881, aged 79 years.


Leah D., wife of Elijah Beylor, died 1867, aged 59 years.


Mary D., daughter of E. and L. D. Bevier, died 1856, aged 1 year, and Dewitt, son of E. and L. D. Bevier, died 1848, aged 2 years.


Simon Bevier, died 1835, aged 78 years, and Catherin, his wife died 1876, aged 74 years.


Hugh Morrison, died 1839, aged 79.


Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel and Parmelia Dunham died 1835 aged 10 years.


The following interesting stone was noted: “In memory of Cornelius Brodhead, born Jan. 10, 1777, departed this life, Feb. 1, 1847, aged 70 years and Maria, his wife, died 1833, aged 57 years.” These were pioneer settlers, having cleared the Bagbee farm, which was their home.


On a stone nearby is Jemima, daughter of C. and M. Brodhead, died 1837, aged 25 years.


John Lamb, died 1863, aged 57 years. His monument bears the following:


“Death is the crown of Life.

Were death denied, poor man would live in vain,

Were death denied, to live would not be life.”


Nancy, mother of John Lamb, died 1853, aged 88 years.


“How blessed the Righteous, when she dies,

When sinks a weary soul to rest,

How mildly beams the closing eyes,

How gently heaves the expiring breasts.”


Henry Lamb, died 1887, born in 1819.


Mary, wife of John Lamb, died 1851, aged 46 years.


William, son of John and Mary lamb, died 1835, aged 7 months.


John, son of John and Nancy Dawson, died 1831, aged 8 months.


James, son of John and Nancy Dawson, died 1842, aged 10 years.


Lilly, daughter of William and S. A. Black, died 1870, aged 3 months.


Nancy, wife of Robert J. Neill, died 1841, aged 31.


Nancy, consort of Joseph McCasland, born in Ireland, 1779, aged 62.


James McCasland, died 1813, aged 62. Mary, his wife, died 1845, aged 61.


William McCasland, died 1844, aged 24 years.


Daniel McCasland, died 1853, aged 40 years.


Judging from the stone-cut record, the following story is to all outward appearances a very sad one. On a large granite monument enclosed within a well constructed fence is the record, Joseph McCaslin (all other stones bearing apparently this same name are spelled McCasland), his wife, Rebecca Jane, daughter of Daniel and Fanny Wilson, and their infant son. On the smaller markers is Samuel J. and R. McCasland, died 1847, aged 6 months, and on the other 2 markers is the record of the young parents death, Rebecca J., wife of J. J. McCasland, died 1859, aged 26 years, and Joseph McCasland, 185-, aged 28 years. The last block of the date is missing. On the other side of the monument is “In Memory of Daniel and Fanny Wilson.”


William C., son of Samuel and Catherine Young, died 1859. On this stone is the following:


“Reader, attend as you pass by,

As you are now, so once was I,

As Iam now soon you will be,

Prepare for death, and follow me.”


It will be noted that the two following stones mark the death of children on nearly the same date, possibly the diphtheria epidemic: Alexander, died 1836, aged 4 months, John J., 1836, aged 2 years, sons of Thomas and Rebecca Neill. There is the following inscription:


“Dearest Brothers, thou hast left us,

Here thy loss we deeply feel,

But Us God that hast bereft us,

He can and our sorrows heed.”


And Thomas, July 15, 1862, aged 2 years, and Sarah, July 22, aged 8 years, children of John and Sarah Sutton.


Josiah Stillwagon, died 1852, aged 36 years.


Hannah, daughter of Josiah and Jane Stillwagon, died 1856, aged 12 years.


Willie, son of G. and E. A. Keyes, died 1870, aged 2 years.


David Copeland, died 1825, aged 65 years.


Samuel Jones, died 1838, aged 69 years.


Pricilla, wife of Aspinwall Cornwall, died 1862, aged 82 and Aspinwall Cornwall, died 1828, aged 75 years.


The following record is somewhat puzzling as will be noted by the dates: William Neill, died 1841, aged 68 years, Jane, wife of William Neill, died 1812, aged 69 years.


Agnes, wife of S. D. Howell, died 1842, aged 29 years.


William Broadfoot, died 1846, aged 69 and Sarah, his wife, died 1839, aged 54.


Joseph, son of George and Polly Nonmaker, died 1856, aged 20 years.


As is a noticeable fact in all of the old cemeteries, the records show the appealing youthfulness of almost every one interred the age 70 is a rare find.


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