Washington D. C. 1963

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I picked up the slides that my grandfather West had taken over numerous years. He had stored them in slide trays and had cataloged the entire collection. Each tray was numbered and the date taken was noted. I am trying to carefully record each slide, as to not lose any of the notations the he had so painstakingly made.


I selected one of the 9 boxes, each box contains 4 separate slide trays and started to scan them into my laptop. The first pictures were of Easter 1963 and then my 4th birthday. Following my birthday photos were snapshots of Washington, D. C. taken September 13, 1963. Several photos were taken from the top of the Washington monument and I was able to make two composite panoramic photos with several.




It is going to take me a while to scan in the 1,080 or so slides, but I am looking forward to learning more about the family in the process.


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