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The Last West Reunion

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While at my mother’s house in Pennsylvania the past week I stumbled across this photograph. We put our heads together to figure out the members of the photo.



In 1949 the George Arthur West family had what seems to be their last family reunion. The celebration followed the 50th anniversary of George Arthur and Josephine Davis West. All of their children and a majority of their grandchildren are included in the photo. In 1950 the patriarch and the matriarch of the family would die within a week of each other leaving their descendants to scatter. Many of these people, excluding my mother’s siblings, I had never met.


The photo includes:


Back row from left: Charles B. West, 1905 – 1971, Lora Edith Sincerny West, wife of Charles, 1906 – 1968, Evelyn Williamson West, wife of Gail A. West, holding Cynthia Bierer, Gail A. West, 1901 – 1968, George Arthur West, 1874 – 1950, Josephine S. Davis West, wife of George Arthur, 1875 – 1950, Chester Davis West, 1902 – 1989, Shirley Mills West, 1900 – 1965, Cecilia Rose Charles West, wife of Shirley, Josephine Davis West Covert (Dent), wife of Benjamin, 1903 – 2008, Benjamin Covert 1897 – 1973, William Russell “Will” Davis, brother of Josephine Davis West, 1888 – 1972, Jack Covert


Middle row from left: Donald B. West, 1926 – 1993, Abigail Jean Page West, wife of Donald, Dale Oakley West, 1928 – 1989, Virginia June Warner West, wife of Dale, Jean Miller, Lawrence “Budge” Gene West, Donna West (Storm), 1929 – 2000, Thelma Mariah Oakley West, wife of Chester, 1904 – 1977, Harry “Mac” Essner McHenry, 1929 – 2005, Allan Arthur West, 1930 – 1993, William w. “Bill” West, June Marie Covert Giles, wife of Samuel, Samuel Giles, 1925 – 1997


Front row from left: Joyce Elaine West (Van Houtte), Joseph Hassek, Phyllis Covert, Betty Greene West, wife of William W., holding Charlene “Chuckie” West, Unknown.

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