Google Does It Again

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Yesterday while at work I heard about what Google had just released that they were testing out live on the web. Google now supplies timelines for many of its searches. You have to scroll down the search results page to find it, but it is there. If you search on Abraham Lincoln it gives you everything on him from birth to any current publications, placing them in timeline order. You can then click on year ranges for more in-depth info. Once in Timeline view you can create other searches and it remains with the timeline search, giving you the option to return to all web results at the top of the page.


I tried doing a search on the Battle of Ball’s Bluff  where one of my multi great grandfathers was shot and died. The new thing that I learned about that battle was that it was to be a small raid on a suspected Confederate camp near Leesburg, Virginia and it turned into a Union disaster.


I got a chuckle out of one of the reviews on this new feature. One poster wrote, “What am I going to do with this?” Obviously he doesn’t participate in the genealogy habit like some of us.



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