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I have been tagged and have done my very best to answer….


10 Years Ago I…..


  1. Packed my bags and moved to Memphis.
  2. Got a divorce.
  3. Started a new job.
  4. Was thankful I had trained myself on a Mac.
  5. Learned how to use a PC.


5 Things on today’s to-Do-list…


  1. Walk the beach for shells. (Done)
  2. Fly a kite in the sun. (Done)
  3. Write a list of things that the realtor needs to fix in the rental.
  4. Pick a place to have our last seaside dinner for this trip.
  5. Pack my suitcase for home.


5 Snacks I Enjoy…


  1. Chocolate ice cream.
  2. Chips and dip.
  3. Soft pretzels with cheese.
  4. Fudge bars.
  5. Homemade chocolate pudding


5 Places I have lived…


  1. Bradford, Pennsylvania
  2. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  3. Eldred, Pennsylvania
  4. Memphis, Tennessee
  5. Cordova, Tennessee


5 Jobs I Have Had…


  1. Counter help at Burger King
  2. Clerk at Saks Fifth Avenue
  3. Graphic Designer at Hallmark Advertising
  4. Teacher at BOCES for gifted and talented children
  5. Graphic Designer for FedEx


5… ok 2  Others I have tagged…


  1. Thomas at Destination: Austin Family
  2. Sheri at TwigTalk


I shall blame being on vacation for not finding more untagged bloggers. Most seemed to have been tagged already!


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  1. I’m really enjoying the new Facebook Genea Bloggers group.  Thanks for the link to TwigTalk.  This was a new blog for me to read.

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