Genealogy, Big Bad Bug

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I have been playing with the web site and just this morning found an ENORMOUS bug. Last week I had loaded their software to create a family tree. The software wanted to log me onto my online account. For some reason the password that worked fine on the online account wouldn’t work with the software. I gave up on the tree building part and went straight to loading family pictures.


I loaded a couple of hundred photos and worked on naming the people that I knew and making matches. The recognition software works pretty slick, finding groups of photos with the same people in them and making suggestions, occasionally comical ones. Mom is visiting so she helped out with naming a few of the people in some of the photos I already had up.


It works fairly well on group photos picking out faces, although it seems to be able to find faces in carpeting and can’t tell the difference from a photo of a person and one of the female pinup posters on the wall of my dad’s army bunkhouse. I figured out how to name people in the photos that the software missed, there were a few it didn’t find a face in at all and some where it only recognized one or two out of a group.


This morning I tried the software again and it connected. I made the latest gedcom from my family tree software and imported it into the myheritage software and proceeded to load it up to the web site. It takes a bit of time to get it to fully load and when it did, there was a really big surprise. All of the photos that I had loaded over the weekend and tagged and even those that hadn’t been tagged were GONE.


I sent an email to technical support.


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