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Samneung Park, Seoul, Korea 1953 – More Travels with Dad

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Another group of dad’s unmarked slides turned out to be of Samneung Park in Seoul, Korea. Samneung Park has several tomb mounds. The higher the tomb mound is the more important the person buried in it. Buried in this location is King Jung-jeong who reignd from 1506 to 1544. King Jung-jeong was the second son of Seongiong. The king’s wife and second son are also buried in this same location. During his lifetime the king would father 28 children from 10 different concubines.



Once again google image search helped me to identify these photographs. I searched on burial mounds for Japan and Korea, not being really sure in which location dad had taken the picture. Once I found similar photos located in Korea I searched specifically on mounds found in Seoul, knowing that dad was located there. In one of the photos the search turned up I noticed what looked like a lamb statue, the same type of lamb statue that was in the photo that dad had taken. The tombs are guarded by statues of warriors, horses, tigers and these small imaginary animals that look like sheep.



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