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Mother-In-Law Problems

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I ended up doing research on the Baird’s last night. I’m not directly related to them, but a cousin is distantly related and I managed to trip over them and kept going. Cynthia Baird, born in 1856, the daughter of Benjamin and Lucinda Baird, was living in the Titusville area. Her husband Joseph Eason had died prior to 1920 and I found her living with her daughter, Daisy Eason Everson Leasgang. The first bit of information that I found on Cynthia was her obituary.


Titusville Herald, December 16, 1933


Woman Drops Dead as She Washes Dishes


Mrs. Cynthia Eason, North Brown St., Down Town Friday Forenoon


Lived Here 50 Years


Death came very suddenly at 12:45 o’clock yesterday afternoon to Mrs. Cynthia Baird Eason, who was stricken while washing dishes in the kitchen of the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank Leasgang, 416 North Brown Street, with whom she resided. Although a physician was hastily summoned and arrived within ten minutes, he said that death was probably instantaneous.


Mrs. Eason arose yesterday morning apparently in the best of health and during the forenoon made a trip down town for shopping. Upon her return, she ate a hearty dinner, and had started to wash the dishes. Her daughter in the living room, heard her utter a strange noise and fall to the floor, but when she reached her side, she was apparently dead.


The deceased was daughter of Benjamin and Lucinda Baird, and born at New Richmond on June 30, 1856. She came to Titusville as a young woman and had resided here for over 50 years. In 1883, she was united in marriage with Joseph Eason, who died under similar circumstances on December 27, 1932. Mr. Eason spent the day with another daughter and suffered a stroke after eating supper, passing away in a few minutes.


Besides the daughter with whom Mrs. Eason lived, she leaves another daughter, Mrs. Charles Ellsworth of this city, three grandsons and four great-grandchildren. There is also one brother, James Baird, and a sister, Mrs. Ida Redmond, both of Titusville. Mrs. Eason was a member of the First Baptist church.


The body was prepared for interment at the Charles Courtney funeral home and will be taken to the home of the daughter, 416 North Brown street, today, where services will be conducted Monday afternoon with interment in Greenwood cemetery.


It mentioned her daughters but not by their first names so I kept searching to see if I could find them. I knew the daughter she was living with was married to Frank Leasgang, and did a search on him.


My eyes popped when I saw the next story that involved both Cynthia and Frank.


Titusville Herald, June 2, 1933


Is Alleged to Have Shot at mother-In-Law


Frank Leasgang, North Brown Street, Held for September Term of Court


Mrs. Eason Complainant


Frank Leasgang, 416 North Brown street, was held by Alderman R. A. Kerr yesterday afternoon, under $1,000 bail for the September term of court on the charge of assault with intent to kill. The defendant pleaded not guilty, and was represented in a hearing by Attorney R. B. Mahany. In default of bail will be taken to the county jail at Meadville today.


It was alleged in the information upon which the warrant for the arrest of M. Leasgang was issued, that the defendant attempted to kill his mother-in-law Mrs. Cynthia Eason, who resides with her daughter and son-in-law, by shooting at her three times on the morning of Sunday, June 11.


Following this disturbance, it was said that no action was taken because Mr. Leasgang had been drinking, but last Sunday, it is alleged that Leasang again created trouble in his home and the police were called. On Tuesday, Mrs. Eason obtained the warrant, and Leasgang was arrested Tuesday night by Constable E. C. Jacobson.


Shot Three Times


Mrs. Eason in her deposition for the arrest of her son-in-law, declared that early in the morning of June 11, Leasgang forced entrance to her room on the second floor of the Leasgang home, 416 North Brown street; that he flourished a revolver, firing it, and the bullet lodged in the wall.


Mrs. Eason ran from the room and down the stairs, she said and declared that he fired twice at her as she fled, one of the bullets shattering the window in the door at the foot of the stairs.


Although the charges were dropped by Cynthia in July, it seems that Frank had a habit of over indulging long before he had married Cynthia’s daughter in 1923.


Titusville Herald, June 20, 1916


Frank Leasgang Arrested – Frank Leasgang was arrested in the West End last night on the charge of being drunk and disorderly. He was locked up and will be given a hearing before Police Magistrate Tarr this morning.


Frank would die in 1963 and Cynthia would follow in 1966.

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