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There is a lot of documentation on the meetings of Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt. I find their meeting curiously fascinating for an entirely different reason. They were both my cousins.


Although not in the least related to each other they were both related to me. Winston Churchill was my fifth cousin five times removed from me. Our relationship traveled down through the Alexander Stewart line of the family originating in England. Even though his mother was American, that is not where my connection with him was.


My connection with Franklin D. Roosevelt was through his mother, Sarah Ann Delano. He was my eight cousin twice removed. Both branches of these men’s families ran down through my paternal grandmother’s family tree.


There is a statue in London of the two men on a park bench; a space large enough to sit between them was left. If I ever manage to get there I must have my picture taken sitting between them. It would be a shot of the missing link!

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