Butler County, Pennsylvania Resources

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Butler, Pennsylvania holds many clues to my family ancestry. My travels only take me through the area once or twice a year so supplementing my research with on line records is a must. I have mined for as much as I possibly could think of without reading each newspaper from the area individually. There had to be more available somewhere.


I searched for the historical society located in Butler to see if there were any additional records to be searched. The genealogy page would list a link for News of the Day. The process of logging and indexing names from the articles in the newspaper has begun and the index is available. Cds copies of the newspaper archives can be purchased through the historical society.


Another source of information turned up from the Butler Area Public Library’s genealogy center. Slippery Rock University has joined with the Library to build an index of obituaries from 1818-2008. The paper index that grew to over 100,000 entries has been digitized and is searchable. Once you locate an entry you can order copies from the library.


For $10 I can purchase 2-5 copies of selected obituaries. I have my order ready to go into the mail of Zuver, West and Eyth obituaries. Needless to say, I am hoping for more gems that will move my research further along. Although I found articles from the listed newspapers on the Butler County Historical site, I am still trying to determine if I need just a few of the CDs available or the entire collection.


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