Co. G Fort Devens, Massachusetts, 1952

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This is Dad’s army photo. On the back of the photo, signed by each of the members of the photo are the names of each soldier. My uncle, my mother’s brother, is in the front row. This is before mom and dad were married.


Photo –

Front row Left to Right –

Russ Duint, Erie, PA, Norbert Walkiewicy, Erie, PA, James E Hollenbeck, Erie, PA, George Hamilton, Erie, PA, Sargent Roebuck, Dale West, Bradford, PA, Dub Strohmeyer, Erie PA, Fred Bubl Jr., Erie, PA, Eugene Walker, Hazel Hurst, PA

Second row –

Herbert Schmalenbach, Erie, PA, Jack Sherman, Steve Frolch, Erie, PA, John Heintz, Erie, PA, Dick Van Houtte, Bradford, PA, Deek Taylor, Bob Schwab, Duke Center, PA

Third row –

Darurn Turner, Eldred, PA, Ray Fronchnett, Erie, PA, George Hoetzl, Erie, PA, Charles Swartz, Mt Alton, PA, Chet Chojnathi, 120  41st, Erie, PA, Philip L. Smith, Eldred, PA

Back row –

Len McLaughlin, Erie, PA, Bruce Sherwin, Bradford, PA, Clarence S. Lube, Erie, PA


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