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I decided that I needed a better way to organize my photos if I am going to be scanning in gazillions of old slides. I want to be able to identify them by the people that are in them, date or holiday and the place they were taken. The file name just isn’t long enough to get the needed detail.


I did a bit of searching and found CyPics, Photo Album Software, v3.6. After downloading the trial software I copied a selection of photos into a separate file and started playing with the setup. It claims to be easy to learn, but there are a lot of steps and knowing a bit about data base set up helps, a lot. It builds an Access data base in the background and with the tool you are entering information into the tables allowing searching and sorting.


All of this required a very deep breath before plunging in. I have played with Access a couple of years ago, I was at that time determined to figure it out. My first try had been a success and then it was all down hill after that. There is a tutorial workbook with CyPics that helps step you along and explains at a high level what the data base verbiage means. You can get as detailed or as simple as you choose. I am currently still struggling with the difference between Keywords and Attributes and what each will do for me when completed.


I have a 30 day trial to get use to the application and decide if it is what I will use for the new files I will be loading. I am considering trying it out with the family files I already have. From what I have learned so far you can create CD and DVD slide shows, pdf color sheets organized with selected information and can email photos with captions. I played with the pdf version of a photo book and was happy with the results.


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