Civil War Pensions

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I decided to focus on my great-great-grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Burgess, born Jan 9, 1845 in Thompkins, New York. I have his wife’s first name as Mary but do not have her maiden name. I decided to order his Civil War Pension information for more detail on him. I carefully filled out the form and hit submit. An error message informed me that the Archives only held up to 1929 and because my grandfather had died in 1932 his documentation would be held at the VA.
I entered the URL that was provided and started digging. Reading the information I figured I was among the minority of people that would be requesting assistance. Most of the users would be looking for information for themselves, not a long deceased ancestor. Without a clear direct path, other than it seems that I will have to send via snail mail for information, I entered information into their request system for insturctions. The form asked for a good bit of information. I filled it all out, read the warning to only hit submit ONCE, that it could take upwards of 25 seconds to clear, and hit submit. I waited and waited and opened another browser window to continue on a different website. I returned and looked at the page still grinding away several times. Minutes later I noticed that I had recieved a timeout on the page.
I was a bit frustrated and decided to make my request at another time.

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