By George, I Think We’ve Got Him!

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In the process of writing this blog I have, many times helped myself to review my findings and turn up lost avenues to search. It didn’t work that way for the blog I had written about George just the other day. What it did do was give Terry Snyder from Desktop Genealogist, enough facts to go on to do a search. Terry didn’t have the family buzzing in her ear with misinformation that mislead. I was so focused on what I was hearing and what couldn’t be true to see the forest for the trees.


Terry did a bit of searching on Albert, son of George and Nancy Catherine “Katie”. She found his death record which had Missouri as his birth state. I had it as Tennessee, thanks to the infernal buzzing in my ear. With that she went looking for George and Katie’s wedding certificate. Missouri has a wealth of information posted on births, deaths and marriages. Sure enough she found the certificate in Stoddard county Missouri, with a matching date to the one that was written in a family bible that a relative has. G. W. Click had married a C. N. Yates.


She went looking for George in the Census and without tunnel vision she found the family in Kentucky in 1850 and then right across the Kentucky/Missouri line in Stoddard county, Missouri in 1860 without George. She didn’t find them in 1870, although I did later and with George in the household. The transcriber had read the original image as “Slick” instead of “Click”.


She mentioned other individuals in the family that also had marriage certificates listed. With all of this information I dug in. Researching on the siblings of George I found them in Puxico and Duck Creek Stoddard county, Missouri, where I had been told that Albert went to visit relatives in the boot heel. Exactly where the family had landed and then spread out. Some would eventually move into Arkansas and others down into Texas.


A very big thanks goes out Terry!! Now I am stuck with Michael Click in 1814, could he possibly be related to the Baltas Cleek family…..



  1. Okay,  to be honest the reason I took the time to look up good ole George was because of his last name, Click.  My GGG grandmother’s name was Click and she was from Shenandoah County in Virginia.  Supposedly her father had siblings that went to Tennessee, early on.  I don’t know where they went in Tennessee but the fact that George was from Tennessee intrigued me, and I couldn’t resist!  I’m glad you were able to find the family.  I’m still thinking the Tennessee clan might be related to the Viriginia clan.  If you find anything out  – please give me a shout.  I love a good family mystery!
    Terry Snyder

  2.    I think the Michael Click you refer to is my great great grandfather.  Ive not been able to track him back further than the 1850 census in Kentucky.  I’ve been ‘stuck’ with him for awhile too.  My great grandfather is Tom Click, from Ozark County, Missouri.  IMichael remarried after moving to Stoddard County, Mo.  His wife listed on the 1850 Kentucky census was named Elizabeth, birthplace given as Virginia, so she may be the lady mentioned by Terry, in the comment below.  If you know of some way I can contact her, please let me know….the link didnt work.   I guess this is pretty old, youre entry is dated March, but I hope you see this.   Thanks Gary Click

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