George W Click

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George W Click has turned into a major block for me. He is on a tree that belongs to a friend of mine that I have been working on. What I know about George is relatively vague.


George was born in Tennessee, his exact location unknown, on May 18, 1840. He would marry Nancy Catherine Yates on October 9, 1872 in yet again another unknown location. What I know about Nancy Catherine Yates is that her family came from Tennessee and she was born there in 1848. Nancy moved from Dickson County, Tennessee after the 1850 Census and ended up in Center Township, Dade County, Missouri. In 1880 she would be found in Hutton Valley Township, Howell County, Missouri.


You would think that the 1870 Census would give me some sort of clue as to where George might be if I could find Nancy in the Census, and I can’t. There are several George Clicks living during that period. One of which I have completely ruled out because he was still living and married after the noted death date I have for George. From what I have been told by a relative with the family bible is that George died September 8, 1877, location unknown.


I sent to the National Archive for information on George’s service record. I sent them everything I knew about his marriage so that they would be sure to send me the correct George. According to the records George served in the Confederate army, in Tennessee. At one point he was wounded. I figured if he died in 1877 that there was a good chance I might find a widows pension for Nancy and her son Albert, who was born July 26, 1873 in Tennessee.


The National Archives wouldn’t take the application because Confederate pensions were handled by the southern state that the soldier was living in. My best guess for Nancy would have been either Tennessee or Missouri. On further investigation I found stated that the Confederate pensions were very few and a person had to be completely incapacitated to receive one.  I haven’t found out yet if there were widow and children pensions for them to draw on.


I am not sure how Nancy and George met. She would have had to have come back to Tennessee from Missouri at some point to meet George. Her family either stayed in the Hickman county area of Tennessee or moved into Dade county Missouri. From Census records Albert, her son was born in Tennessee in 1872, placing her back in Tennessee at that point.


I am really at a loss where to go from here to find the correct George.


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  1. I might can help you with George — A whole website exists on the Click family. I believe George is there. he is also kin to Michael Click.

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