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I don’t know that I am related to this Zuver line, I do know that I do have distant cousins that located themselves in California. I have been searching all newspapers on just the last name Zuver to see what articles I may have missed doing more specific searches. This article of misfortune appeared in one of my searches. This poor soul needs to find a different line of work, perhaps comedy.

Lincoln Evening Journal (Lincoln, Nebraska) > 1974 > December > 18

Barrel to Barrel, Neither Could Fire


Santa Ana, Calif. (UPI) – Police say it happened this way: Charlene Zuver, 25, entered the B&M market with a pistol and announced “This is a robbery, give me your money.”


Storekeeper Unki Paik, a Korean who understands little English, replied “May I help you?”


“I said give me the money. I’ve got a gun in my purse.”


Paik gave her $25 then produced his own pistol. Miss Zuver fled, with Paik in pursuit.


Outside was the taxi Miss Zuver arrived in Monday night. “This is robbery,” shouted the storekeeper in his broken English. The cabbie, thinking Paik was holding him up, leaped out of the cab, hands in the air.


Miss Zuver whirled and pointed her pistol at Paik. He leveled his at her.


Barrel to barrel, they confronted each other, but neither fired.


They couldn’t.


They only had toy guns.


Miss Zuver’s nerve broke first. She ran and flagged down a car.


The occupants were glad to give her a ride. They were undercover police officers, and the ride was to the Orange County Jail, where Miss Zuver was held on $25,000 bond. 


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