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The much awaited Family Tree Maker software is available. I was going to pre-order the software but had decided to wait until it was available and then order. Now I am beginning to be glad that I did.


I have been searching the web for the best price, trying to compare different packages and have been reading the reviews. Although didn’t have the lowest price there were comments left by product users. Once reading the reviews I stopped cold.

Over the past several years I would print off reports to give to family members, especially my dad. I could set the preferences to include in the report the number of generations and select either descendants or ancestors. It turned file after file of compiled information into a document that was indexed down to the last person. From what I have been reading these register and ahnentafel are gone. These are the reports that created the books that I used to share.


From what I can gather from the reports you now have to load your files to the ancestry server in order to do any book making, I am unclear as to where there might be fees attached.


It seems there is more flash, bells and plenty of whistles attached to appeal to the eye. As we all know, more flash isn’t always better as it can be an enormous memory hog. Some have sent the software back for a refund and returned to the previous edition they were using.


I will be waiting this one out for now. For a more concise review and multiple user comments see the article by Kimberly Powell.  


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