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To Dad, who passed away this week after a 10 year illness that really took it’s toll the past 2 months.
Thank you for the fishing trips at the lake where we fished for trout, threw back an enormous bass, because it was not bass season and then still came back with a trunk full of smaller bass.
Thank you for the Christmas shopping trip for mom each year, where we spent the entire day together, talking, laughing and spoiling mom.
Thank you for the sound of jingling change in your pocket as you sprinted across the floor, in a hurry for everything it seemed.
Thank you for the laughter that made my sides ache and my face hurt.
Thank you for showing me that even when things were at there worst the past few years, a person could keep their sense of humor and dignity.
Thank you for reading every bit of genealogy I brought you and asking endless questions, it was fun sharing it with you.
Thank you for being proud of me, even when you didn’t say it.
Thank you for a house full of love and laughter that was always a safe place to come home to.
Thank you for the education you said they could never take away from me and I could fall back on; how true that turned out to be. 
Thank you for just being you, not perfect, just human and my dad.

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