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For Froggie – a giggle through the tears

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My closest friends tolerate my carrying on about genealogy and laugh at some of the odd things I find right along with me. I bless them at times for listening to my never ending stories and comments on the choice of children’s names. More than once they have heard me say that I wished names were spelled correctly and consistently.


A death in a dear friend’s family brought all of my tales to life. They had contacted the newspaper with the information of the relative, family members and other details. The obituary appeared in the newspaper as requested except for the missing family members and completely misspelled last name of a married daughter. She called to tell me that she had thought of me and they had the paper print the correction the next day, correcting spelling and including all of the siblings, even though they would be charged again.


She said, with a laugh, that I needed to be sure to check the next day’s paper for any corrections to postings from now on.

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