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Back in August I started this blog. It is hard to believe that once again 8 months have flown by so quickly. Over the past monthsI have watched the statistics page to see where all of the now 4,000+ hits have come from. I have been listed on some other people’s pages as a site to read, thanks so much for that! I also find it fascinating to see what searches find my page, the silliest one being the day someone searched for cemetery + sweatshirt, it gave my designer brain a run for it’s money just thinking about what that sweatshirt would look like.  It could be a best seller for those of us with a hankering for genealogy.


My story on “The Kindness of Strangers” has been a favorite search for someone that uses the Baidu search engine. That story touches my heart also and I am glad to see it touches someone else’s.


The internet connects us with so many people from so many walks of life all around the globe, truly makes the “Small world” song that Disney has made so annoyingly popular very true. As you read through this today, after getting it from your favorites, web link off another person’s page, random search or RSS feed, drop me a hello in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you.


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