Trips with China

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  We decided to put down hardwood in the dining room and living room. This means that all of the knickknacks and china must be packed away until the job is complete. I stopped and purchased boxes and bubble wrap to keep the fragile pieces safe while stacked in mounds in the spare rooms.  

Antiques for me are more than just an obsessive hobby, many of them tell my families history. Three sets of china will keep me busy to the weekend wrapping and packing. I put the Christmas china away first. It has the shortest history of the three and went quickly into the boxes. I wanted china that was only mine and picked a pretty Fitz and Floyd pattern with an old world Santa on the salad plates. We had Christmas dinner on it 2 years ago when the kids were here. I was so thrilled to be able to use it for what I hoped was just the first of many times to come.

The pattern that belonged to my great aunt was the next to be boxed. It’s off white color is sprinkled with multi color tiny flowers around the edge with the very rim trimmed in gold. My great aunt had given it to my mother and it was brought out for every holiday at home. Mom loved being able to set a pretty table and it will always reminds me of those days. It was passed on to me after my first marriage and came with me when I moved south. It had been used on my table at Easter, setting the spring mood with its little flowers. Ebay has helped me grow the collection, filling in with demitasse cups, teapot and extra platters. Pretty pink stemware found in antique shops round out the collection. This set was full of memories and slowed my hands as I wrapped.

Dad had sent the third set to my grandmother from Korea when he was in the service and stationed there. I hear the story in my head every time I take it out of the cupboard. It had been shipped from over seas in a large wooden crate, service for 12 with serving pieces. The entire collection arrived safe and sound without a chip in any piece. This Noritake set shows my father’s taste, elegant, not the frilly flower design of my great aunt’s. Silver edges a pale green background that has a silver and gold leaf pattern. My grandmother would bring the china out during holidays, adults packed around a large dining room table stuffed in a tiny dining room, blocking traffic between the living room and kitchen.

Mom gave me this set after I moved south. It took me several trips north to get it all packed in my sports car and brought back with me. She let me choose between this set and the set that had belonged to her mother. It was a difficult choice, as I liked them both, but this set had history with my dad.


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