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You never know when you will find a cousin, not the cousin from the distant past that you would never have had the opportunity to meet but the one that you haven’t seen in 30 years.  I posted a comment on the Rootsweb message board asking for information on one of Mark’s grandfathers. I must have messed up the part where they are to send me an automatic notice that someone answered my question. With time on my hands on Friday I thought I would take a look at what I had asked and see if anyone had made any replies. That is when I found Jim.


Jim didn’t realize that the person he was responding to had such a close family connection. I called Mark and asked him if this could be his first cousin. It was. Ironically his mother had talked to Jim earlier in the summer at a family anniversary party and hadn’t written down Jim’s email address. They had said that Jim had information about the family that we may need. Jim’s dad was going to get our email address for him and that didn’t happen either. Turns out we didn’t need them, we had the internet!


Jim gave us George Click’s middle initial of W. He didn’t know what it stood for. He also gave us the complete death date of George’s wife, which we didn’t have. We can now order her death record from Missouri and wait a hundred years for it to come back.  Some of what he gave us we already knew and from the sounds of it we will be giving him a lot more. He mentioned that he had the bible, death records and letters and I am itching to see them. I sent him the gedcom and a link to the quickly put up web site of Click information. I’ll work on the “pretty” of the interface after Christmas when January boredom sets in.


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