Ohio vs. Missouri

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I have run into a brick wall with the Wendels in Mark’s family tree. I have followed them back far enough to write for immigration information on John Wendel. The census records show them in Ohio from 1860 onward as a married couple. This of course meant dragging out my bag of tricks for the name spelling. Wendal was that years spelling. From what the Census is showing they were in and remained in Lucas County, Ohio the entire time. The only movement seemed to be from Manhattan to Washington Township, unless the township line moved.


A little more searching and I found a John Wendall working in the Cincinnati area in the 1850 Census, same age and from Germany, as a waiter. I took another look at Rosina, also spelled Roseina and Rose to see if she had also remained in Ohio after John’s death some time in-between 1880 and1900. From what I had collected she was in the Lucas area up through the 1910 Census and wasn’t recorded in the 1920 Census.


I took another long shot and Google searched for Lucas County, Ohio death records. Lucky for me some Ohio death records are indexed on line. The years 1913-1935 and 1936-1944 have been indexed. The ordering process is relatively simple too. You simply check the ones you are interested in and after clicking to save can move on to ordering. The list is populated for you of requested certificates, fill in your name and address, print, include a check and mail. I found Roseina Wendel’s record listed with a death date of January 14, 1917 and printed off the form. Now we can compare the wait with the 4 month wait from Missouri’s office. With luck the certificate should give me the names of her parents and cause of death.


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