Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving to all who visit here!


We are heading to Missouri to visit Mark’s Click relatives. The laptop will be making the trip to give me amusement in the car and note down any ancestral information that we can gather. This should be fun. If you don’t have a power converter for using your laptop in the car, it is well worth the money. I picked mine up at the Sears Auto store and I keep it in my laptop briefcase. The only draw back is the noise from the fan can be a bit annoying. On long trips Mark drives and I can play games or work off line on documentation. Now if I only had a wireless card life would be perfect.


I am going to print off the information that I have for the Clicks and see what it stirs up during dinner conversation. There is a cemetery book that we are going to take a look at and may travel up to the cemetery to see if there is anything we missed from the last visit a year ago. I am hoping to have more news when we get back.


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