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Kiss Me I’m Irish

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For fun I took a look at the time line of my parent’s ancestor’s arrival to the United States. On dad’s side, his father and both grandparents came to the States in 1906 from Tourning, France. His paternal grandfather was born in Belgium and his paternal grandmother was born in France. His father was also born in France. Dad’s maternal grandfather was born in Stolburg, Germany arriving in the states around 1884. Dad’s maternal grandmother had roots that reach back to the Pilgrim’s on her father’s side and back to Ireland one generation on her mothers.

On dad’s side we are French, Belgian, German, Irish and Scotch Irish, the majority of them having arrived 1840 – 1906, with the exception of the Burgess line.  

A look at mom’s side reveals a different path. Mom’s paternal grandfather was the second generation from German parents. His mother’s family would stretch back to the mid 1700’s in the United States arriving from Germany. His great grandfather was a first generation citizen, his great-great grandfather arriving in 1829 from Wurttemburg. Her paternal grandmother’s ancestry runs into a dead end in the 1700s in Pennsylvania on her paternal grandmother’s father’s side. Her paternal great grandmother’s mother’s side ancestry would stop with the death of her great-great grandfather in the Civil War. Best guess would have them come from England and Ireland based simply on their last names.

On mom’s mother’s side of the family, her great grandfather’s English roots would date back to 1786 in New York State. Her great grandfather’s mother’s side of the family would date back to 1774 in Rhode Island. Her great grandfather’s mother side of the family would come down through New Hampshire and Vermont dating to the mid 1700s. The Irish would show up again on mom’s maternal great grandparent’s side of the family. She was born in Ireland in the mid 1800s and the few relatives I have found for that line were all Irish.

Mom’s side reveals German, English and Irish heritage. The majority of mom’s side of the family would have lived in the States during the 1700s with only one line arriving in 1829. Of all of the lines that I have discovered not one of them so far has come through Ellis Island, only one line stretches to the Pilgrims and the states they lived in covered everything from Maine to Pennsylvania.

As a child I loved the thought of being Irish, they had their very own holiday and it seemed so special. I had asked my dad where we came from and he really wasn’t sure, he said we were mutts and not one bit Irish. Although I am passed the green beer and partying stage of my life for St. Patrick’s Day, I do get a private grin at the Kiss Me I’m Irish pins I see.

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