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I learned something about the Missouri State Archives, they are painfully slow. I am helping my boyfriend find information on his family, the Clicks. This group of people was in love with getting married. Each spouse wore out at least one spouse and then got remarried. There are halves and steps and whole relation all mixed up with each other. Talking to his parents about who is who becomes a vocal maze of confusion as they talk their way straight to who belonged to whom.


Back before the Fourth of July we sent for information on 3 different relatives. The cost was only a dollar a piece, not bad. About 30 days later there was a postcard in the mail from the archives stating that it could take up to 90 days to get the information back. They weren’t kidding, the letter finally arrived yesterday.


As usual, new information leads to new confusion while answering some questions. One Uncle ended up with 2 wives; remember how these people love marriage. That bit of information was loaded into the data base. The multi great grandfather did turn out to be George Click, we just aren’t sure which George he is in the census. Hershel’s wife seemed to have used her mother-in-law’s nickname, Katie, on the death certificate for Hershel, which led back to more poking around. Her full name was Nancy C Yates, the C standing for Catherine. Being a Cathy myself it is not uncommon for people to spell my name with  a “K” and be referred to as Kate. This makes us wonder at the tombstone in the family graveyard that has Aunt Katie engraved on it.


Pneumonia seemed to be going around that December of 1942; both Albert Sidney Click and his daughter-in-law Adella Amelia Stein Click would die within weeks of each other. Herschel would remarry, Diska Hall, widow of Bert Holingshad. Diska would out live Herschel another 40 years.


Finding Nancy C Yates last name has given us another path to go down. So far it is looking like she could have belonged to an Elizabeth Yates that lived in Tennessee and had married a man from North Carolina. The hunt is on!


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