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In the process of writing stories on my ancestors for the blog I have had to recheck information and reanalyze notes and data. It has lead me down a fun path to help clarify where each of these individuals have fallen into history and even given me ideas of where else to look for more information. It forces me to look at the smaller picture, just one individual during one moment of time, instead of the whole family or branch.


I have bits and pieces of personal information tucked away that I drag out and sift through once again. Going through Uncle Will’s postcards I found a birth date for a cousin. The postcard was sent to Elizabeth, Will’s mother and at one point made very little sense to me. It was dated April 6, 1911 and read; “Always think of you on this day and those big cakes you used to give me when I was a kid. Am getting to be an old man 34 today. Am feeling fine and don’t have much use for the {illegible} on the other side. Jos B.” A quick check of the facts included brought me to the conclusion that this was Elizabeth’s nephew Joseph Breckenridge, son of her Aunt Elizabeth that she grew up with. It was sent from Panama and the picture on the front was of I. C. C. Hospital Grounds, Colon, Panama. This gives me more tidbits of information to search on. Several members of the family had been in Panama during this period of time when the Canal was being built.


When writing earlier in the week I found conflicting information concerning when the Stewarts had come to the States. I had placed the information under two different individuals and when I was compiling the information realized the inconsistency.


A small high school graduation card that didn’t seem to have a connection now has an owner in the family tree. The card is from 1890 and even though it doesn’t give more than the high school a kissin’ cousin graduated from, it is nice to know the connection.


What didn’t make sense before gains clarity in time with the gathering of the ancestors. It always surprises me what clicks into place after taking another look, what was overlooked or disregarded becomes clear. The postcards have stirred up more curiosity and I am sorting them into piles to see what other gems they can give me.


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