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Another delivery from the mailman, this one isn’t giving me anything new to work from either. I sent for the Civil War record for James/William Zuver. He served from August of 1862 until his death in December of the same year. His first muster record he is at New he is in Harrisburg Aug 22, 1862. He had applied for duty Aug 9, 1862 at Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. On this record he was paid his $25.00.


The record for Nov and Dec states that he was taken to Washington, the reference here being the Washington Hospital, sick and dated December 26, 1862. It would take the Army 5 months to update their records to deceased. The muster role for Jan and Feb would still list him as sent to Washington sick. Again in April it would have him as sent to Washington sick. The muster roll correcting the previous records would state from Feb 20 until May 10 he was deceased.


The record for James on line states that he had died from chronic dysentery. The cemetery records in Pleasantville stated the he had been wounded in battle. I had sent a cousin the information that James had died due to dysentery, I think he was a bit appalled and immediately came to James defense that he had been wounded in battle. From records that I have run across, it wasn’t always the wounds that killed you, for many it was the conditions of hospitals and food that would cause your already weakened body to not be able to fight off diseases like dysentery. I guess it sounds braver to say that he died from his wounds.


I sent for his pension records, his parents had signed for his pension. In many cases there will be more detail; it is also a bit more costly to request than the military record. With luck it will clear up the cause of his death.


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  1. Your stories are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing them. Your page caught my eye because I started searching my family about 2 yrs ago. I too requested and recieved my great great grandfather Civil War pension file. It didn’t give me much info, just alot of medical background. I was hoping to find info on his parents and/or siblings. There was nothing. I am fairly new to genealogy and could have possibly missed something. Anyway I think your space is great and again thank you for your family stories. Hope to keep in touch. Take Care.

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